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Reusable Recycle Bags for Home or Garden (Set of 2)

Reusable Recycle Bags for Home or Garden (Set of 2)

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Our Reusable Recycle Bags are the right choice for the environment. Our 2-pack set of Reusable Recycle Bags are sturdy, attractive, washable, and made to be used again and again. The heavy-duty construction ensures that the bags will stay open and upright when tossing away cans, bottles, or lawn clippings. Reinforced handles on each side make them very easy to carry - no more soggy paper bags to cart out to the trash! When you're ready to clean them, simply wipe them out with a sponge, or hose down and air dry. Our Reusable Recycle Bags are affordable, so you can keep an extra pair on hand for lawn and garden clippings or compost.


  • Make Recycling Fun -- Our Reusable Recycling Bags are chic and inexpensive home decor. They will brighten up the everyday task of recycling. They do good while looking good.
  • No More Mess -- Super sturdy, these bags stand on their own with reinforced handles to make carrying a snap. No more worries of soggy paper bags with handles that break mid-carry.
  • Easy to Clean -- Our Reusable Recycling Bags take only seconds to clean. Add some water, wipe with a sponge, and you’re done!
  • Dimensions -- 11" L x 11" W x 18" H.

UPC: 872974013993

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