Partnership Opportunities

Looking to partner with us in offering great and useful products for better guest experiences? We have several ways to work together: 

  • Affiliate Program - If you are looking to promote, share, and talk about great products but not interested in managing the sale or delivery, this option is for you. We offer competitive affiliate commissions just for sharing with your audience and relationships.  
  • Wholesale Partner - Distributor/Reseller - Do you have channels to resell or distribute great products? This is a great option for resellers, hospitality suppliers, interior design firms and others looking to include another great product in their catalog of options. You can apply here. This is also a good route for larger properties and groups planning to outfit 50+ rooms or several locations with multiple rooms, etc.  Definitely reach out to explore it or apply and we will connect.  
  • Whatever creative idea we can come up with - if you have another idea that doesn't quite fit in either of the above, feel free to reach out and lets explore possibilities! Reach out to us.